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Phillip March Jones: Pictures Take You Place, Oct 28 to Dec 2 2018

Since June 10, 2011, Phillip March Jones has engaged in a daily photographic practice uploading his wry and sometimes romantic images to all variety of social media including Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram. For his first solo exhibition at Poem 88, Jones creates an immersive environment culled from 2,200 images and counting.

Jones has an uncanny eye for those images that linger on the periphery of our conscious mind: sometimes full of beauty or grit, drama, quietude, and mystery. The marginal or the provisional are thrust front and center — for a day — to be replaced with a fresh observation on the next. Too, Jones’s photos reveal great attention to the most fundamental of formal concerns like color, composition, symmetry, and shape. Like the earliest street photographers, Jones follows a long tradition sprung from hand-carried cameras. These are not super-composed, static studio images. No, these are entirely of the moment and brim with humor and the élan vital characteristic of the artist himself.

Born in Shreveport, Louisiana and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, Jones is the Founder of Institute 193 and currently the director of Andrew Edlin Gallery in New York City. Jones's artist book, Pictures Take You Places, comprising 52 color postcards, was the first publication of Poem 88 EDITIONS. 

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