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Art Vandenberg: Three Score and Ten Books of Art, Dec 2019

Art Vandenberg shares some work that has survived his life travels. Three Score and 10: BOOKS of ART is part of the artist’s #ArchaeologyOfArt series, undertaken as a response to his 70th year of being (his 71st to begin — Deo Volente — at 10:11PM on 18 January 2020). An archaeologist may gather together discovered artefacts and publish a catalog to present a past culture. Similarly, Art has dug through an accumulation of artefacts to recover all extant works on paper and present them as a series of volumes he terms #ArchaeologyOfArt.

It’s like a long overdue cataloging of artefacts resulting from seventy years of digging about in what speaks to being ART. One may reflect on work that was, when created, a particular moment in the NOW of being. One might find something still lingering from those moments, perhaps a forgotten idea, an unrecognized insight, or even a whole new thread that only the future would have revealed anyway. Say we collapse that NOW into the present NOW, well, we may yet create something...

The seventy volumes are arranged to reflect “bodies” of work and each has a written introduction. Through the introductions and the images presented, Art’s origin story may be discovered, or illuminated a bit.

Maybe it’s simply a desire of an old person to have books to peruse. Or maybe Art just wants to issue a status report prior to doing more work. Either way, “Look… here I am, Art!"

Vandenberg will be present at the gallery throughout the exhibition speaking about his lifetime of artistic output in a kind of performance. Objects and sculptures round out the show.

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