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Nancy VanDevender: Left Coast, Oct to Dec 2015

On Saturday, November 14, Atlanta artist Nancy VanDevender presents two views of California culture: the dry, desolate, but hauntingly beautiful desert and the luxuriant and curative spa. Each promises its own allure and revitalizing nature, mirroring the attraction and pull of the counter coast. An installation of two single-channel videos with accompanying photographs and works on paper, The Left Coast invites the viewer to consider pleasure and its absence, the oasis and the parched landscape, another state and another state of mind.

An MFA graduate of the Cranbrook Academy of Art, VanDevender’s work has been featured in several prominent exhibitions including a solo show at Emory University, Pink... Beyond Black and White, and Sex Drive at Haverford College and Atlanta Contemporary. She was born in Meridian, Mississippi and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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