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Krista Clark: Pause of Construction, December 9 to December 22 2017

Clark will create an installation of cut paper and drawings for her first solo exhibition at Poem 88. Reminiscent of Dada and the Constructivists works, Clark's wall drawings and installations bring to mind Kurt Schwitters and his Merzbau. Using readily available materials, Clark's work emphasizes the democratic nature of both creating and viewing such works. Smaller collage works will also be available for purchase -- the perfect holiday gift!!

She says about her own work:

I use the visual language of architecture and the literal physicality of building materials to create collaged drawings and site-specific installations. I am interested in transitional spaces, the homogenization of place in addition to pushing and playing with the boundaries of drawing, sculpture and installation. I use formal gestures of erasing, overlapping, layering, stacking and cutting and saddle them with the task of depicting our compromised narratives within our built environments. Within this search I am looking at the shiftiness between things: interior/exterior, place/space, flatness/depth, and the unavoidable ego/id. 

Each work is steered by my observations of shifting urban landscapes then broken down and retold through abstraction. I seek to highlight the ubiquitous materials we are exposed to everyday as we drive, ride, walk and bike through our changing communities. How are we changed by and at the same time how do we alter our surrounding landscape? I reference architectural gestures in order to display ways in which we mark and navigate space. By incorporating building materials as formal components alongside conventional drawn elements I hope to augment our relationship to these materials, and ultimately the space and community in which we use them.

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