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Art Vandenberg: #Day25000, June 30 2018

On June 30, 2018 the artist will reach 25000 days of life (deo volente). The artist will present a body of work to celebrate and remember those 25000 days. Knotted strings and ropes record every day of each year of the artist’s existence, a passage of time now counting in its sixty-ninth year. Each of 69 strands of string, knotted to record the number of days, is a recovered timespace.

The deliberate act of knotting itself induces a trance from which memories can be recovered. Knots represent creation (tying of the birth cord), daily transactions (cf. Incan quipu records), and memory (neurons entangled with the occurrence of an event).

Knots are a modeling structure used by the artist to bind three realms: creation of artefacts, documentation of such artefacts, and reflection on artefact significance.

Life is but a numbering of days.

A brief history of Knots, from three perspectives… Everything: In the beginning flux tubes formed knots during the quantum chromodynamics phase transition following the big bang, resulting in the stable topology of spacetime as we know it: three visible dimensions unfolding through time.

Culture: Quipu knots were used by Incas (and other peoples) to record information, including that of time.

Himself: Knotty structures of neuron cliques encode functional stimuli, which guide the emergence of correlated activity.

Art Vandenberg homo sapiens, circa 1950 PSE (Pre-Synchronicity Era)

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